The PIM Promise:

Your children are our most precious cargo and it is our mission to provide safe, efficient, services to busy families.

Our Story

Charisma Curry-Founder/CEO

Charisma found herself needing a solution that was not offered anywhere else while juggling career, school, and family. Looking at the bigger picture, Charisma decided to become the solution and created Parents in Motion to offer transportation services to parents. With a mom's perspective, services needed to give parents a peace of mind, keep safety in the forefront, be dependable, and affordable.

Chanel Williams-Founder/CTO

Connected through a desire to help a mom founded business, busy families, and using tech to solve social needs, Charisma and Chanel joined forces. An up and coming developer, Chanel combines tech savvy and business insight to help create and implement technical solutions to the PIM community.

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